The Orlando Watley Innocence Project needs YOUR help. Falsely rendered DNA test results produced through blood evidence tampering, fabricated DNA testing, falsified lab records and false testimony delivered by Daniel Gregonis and other state actors, has stolen 22 years of Orlando’s life. This DNA evidence must be revisited by legal and forensic experts so that Orlando Watley’s wrongful conviction is overturned and he is restored to his family, community and Nation. 

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Under pressure to make an arrest in an unsolved triple homicide (April 22, 1993) and a double armed robbery/attempted murder (July 4, 1993, Orlando was eventually acquitted of these charges) that took place in three of the most affluent communities in Riverside County, the Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office filed false charges and fabricated DNA evidence in order to achieve a conviction. This is not the first time. 
"I was 19 years old when I was taken captive and framed for these crimes. I am 41 years old today. In all this time, I have been wrongfully deprived of the simplest freedoms and luxuries. I cannot walk outside and breathe fresh air, or hike into the mountains and drink, or wash in a cold river if I choose. I cannot provide for and look after those of my most vulnerable and dependent loved ones. I cannot attend sacred and or social gatherings and ceremonies with my family and tribe or fellow tribes. The last time I saw my Mother was when she sat before the jury to ask them not to kill me for a crime I didn’t commit. My name is Orlando Dontece Watley and I am a POLITICAL PRISONER". 

San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff Daniel Gregonis, expert witness in the prosecution’s case against Orlando Watley, was found by Trial Judge Brian S. McCarvill to have given unreliable evidence in the state’s case against William Richards, whose conviction was reversed. In the state’s case against Kevin Cooper, Justice William A. Fletcher mentioned Daniel Gregonis 13 times in direct connection to fabrication of evidence against Kevin Cooper. 


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Orlando Watley has been wrongfully incarcerated for

22 years

In late 1993, Riverside County Police arrested, charged and convicted Orlando Watley for crimes he did not commit. Arrested at 19 and incarcerated for 22 years, Orlando has maintained his innocence and must be exonerated. 
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More than 200 people have been wrongfully convicted of serious offences since 1989.

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